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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Whole Week of Bling: Second Item...

Ok, my minions. Today we go hunting on our Bling Safari to Anna Maxin. She has some cute bling going here. I especially love the University of Texas flip flop bling on the left (see below). OMG!!!  SOOOOO CUTE!!!  I absolutely love flip flops, and if they have bling then they are even better!!  All Anna's bling, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings are hand made by her. I really want a pair of those flip flops but David won't let me. * GREAT BIG SIGH* He says flip flops are dangerous. But Hey, I don't care... that's what I want for Christmas this year!!  I better get the UT's or else!!!

Anna also has a cute line of doggie collars for your four legged babies. She calls her line of dog collars Biscuit and Gravy named for her cute mushie faced babies ... see below modeling their collars. I have a collar each for my puppies. Bought them a year ago and they are still as cute as when I bought them. I got the University of Texas Cream and Orange for the Spunkster and Pink Camo for the girls, Lucy and Pebbles. They absolutely love them.

Like I said, everything is hand made and wonderful. So go check out today's bling.

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