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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Magnetic Personality

Yesterday while David and I were at the doctor's office most of the day something happened. Mind you we have two little Boston Terrorists and a Chihuahua that thinks she owns everything in the house including us. Well, I usually child proof the house before we leave. That means closing the doors to the bathroom, bedroom and living/dining areas. Then I remove any objects, and that includes shoes from the floor that they might get a hold of and chew up. I move both David's and my office chairs away from our desks and turn off any unnecessary power strips that we won't need on.

Yes I know it's a pain in the ass but it's a ritual that saves lives and damages. Now when we leave after all this prep I feel safe and sound and the puppies can kill each other for all I care. So we left them alone for about four hours because everything was moving slow at Dr.D's office.

On the way back we decided to stop off at Sonic and pick up dinner because of all the things I did I forgot to take something out to defrost for dinner. We also picked up extra fries for the puppies. It's a Boston mommy thing. You need to have spoiled Bostons to understand.

Anywho, I noticed something all over the kitchen floor after we let the puppies out. Something black on one side and something like a picture with numbers on the other. I was sweeping up the pieces into the dustpan and when I picked up the dog's blankets for their bed, there was neatly hidden, for her own pleasure for later chewing, larger pieces of what used to be a magnetic calender.

I asked David if he recognized it and he said he lost that thing weeks ago behind his desk. I told him that Lucy found it. He just laughed and told me to keep her away from anything metal until it passes. Simple for him to say. Now I have to go outside and peel her off the chain link fence every time I let the puppies outside. And then I'll have to keep her away from the computers so she doesn't erase the hard drives. What's even worse her personality is already magnetic enough!


  1. @_@


    At least you know that when she's attached to the fence she's not getting into any more trouble... XD

    And as for dragging around shoes... When my dad came to visit two weeks ago, I caught my cat dragging one of his big-ass slippers around the living room in his mouth... o_O Species identity crisis...

  2. What a wonderful story! Naughty little doggies you got :) I really like to see more pictures of them!

  3. Funny thing is, that I can't make this shit up. It really does happen around here.

  4. Heee heee, maybe you can feed the remains to the rest and they'll stick together :oD

  5. ROTFLMAO...That is hilarious! I mean...poor puppy.


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