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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Oh Damn It All To Hell !!!

Mmkay, Dark Mother. Woman, you have succeeded in making me into a blubbering, whiny, cry baby.  The death of your sister was bad enough. I somewhat felt what you were going through because I lost my Dad not to long ago. But now Brandy, your sweet smooshy faced baby girl (I call my Lucy and Pebbles the same thing) has died.

I went to your blog page this morning  to see her picture again and low and behold you wrote a moving tribute to Brandy. You bitch!!  How dare you do this to me. It made me hug the living shit out of my puppies and they are still looking at me strangely. They have no idea that their lifetimes are only a fraction of ours.

Everytime I look at them I realize they only have a few more years with us. I don't know what I will do without them. I can't replace them because they are unique individuals. They are the children David and I couldn't have. They have their own little quirks. The funny faces that they make right when you want to scold them. The way they know when you are sick or hurting, they know just how to be sweet and caring to you.

No, My kids won't be replaced in my heart. Not ever

P.S. please note I have nothing against DM. She is my BBB(blogging bitch buddy). I love her to death. If I call her a bitch , it's in a loving tone. She's a great puppy mommy and I'm hurting for her as much as the next friend would.


  1. Booohhhoooo...when I was sick a couple weeks ago, our two puppies laid on me all weekend...Hubs said they were being supportive because I was sick...

  2. Yeppers,they know. That's why I love em.

  3. I miss my dogo Argentino dog "Umai" and 2 ginger cat brothers "Mikroeli and Onasis" every single day.... Theyre not dead...or maybe they are? Only mu exboyfriend know and i dont see him anymore. They live with him cause i moved back in to my mothers about 5 years ago.
    I still miss them like crazy :-( and they were my kids only kids BOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

  4. Don't feel bad Leeanna....the bitch made me cry too. Before I finished my first cup of coffee :(

  5. hearts and hugs my BBB.

    also, bitch is the highest form of compliment I can receive.

  6. :-(
    My Zac considers himself the family protector and the kids' nursemaid. He has yanked my oldest by her jeans out of a creek she fell into, and attacked someone trying to break into our house. He is puppy-fection and I will be absolutely heartbroken when he goes. Blessings Dark Mother, so sorry for your loss!


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