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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pod People

Yes pod people are here. I know nobody likes to talk about this subject, but it has to be addressed. Over the weekend I noticed that certain people in town have these pods in their front yards, like decorations. Either they have been taken over already or they are ignorant.

David just laughed at me until I explained the situation to him. These pod people are taking over slowly but surely. It starts out with the introduction of this "cacti" that they think will look great in their gardens. They have no clue what that friendly guy at the local garden shop is selling them.

It's a pod. Oh it looks innocent and all now but one night while you are sleeping ... and it only takes that one night my friends. Just think about it. Have you seen anyone that just doesn't look right? They are really odd looking and don't laugh at your jokes. Their sense of fashion is all out the door. They even have no rhythm when they walk. Women pod people can't walk in heels, not because they hurt but because their lack of co-ordination. Hence the saying "Can't walk and chew gum at the same time."
Let me give you an idea of pod people that I have been observing. The Olsen Twins. They have a billion dollar empire and yet they dress like bag ladies. Come on!! These are pod people. They scream pod people.

My advice is to beware of these pods you see at the garden shop. If the shop owner wants you to take one home free to see how it will look in the front yard, then run. Run fast. Don't look back. Just run for your life
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