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Monday, September 27, 2010

Hello My Minions

Ahhhhhh what a fine Monday it is. I am sorry about not being able to go around and see everyone's blogs for the Practical Magic Blog Party. I was a bit under the weather on Friday evening and Saturday. Sunday I spent the day enjoying my birthday. David took me out for an early dinner and we spent the day just doing nothing at all. I have never had such a nice birthday as I had yesterday.

Well today I am doing a few things and then I will try to finish going to everyone's blog to see their postings from Saturday and try to catch up. I have also a few emails I will have to answer and thank for their b-day wishes. So please don't think that I have left you all in the dark for the next few days my dear minions. Hey some of you just might like it in the dark. BWAAAHAaHa ahahahahahhahahaa Ok that's a good start for Halloween. I do have one thing I must do, so please bear with me.

Dear Mr. Squirrel,
Please stop teasing my puppies. I know you mean well and you are giving them great exercise during the day, but you are also driving me crazy. They become absolutely nuts when they see you while looking out into the courtyard. They whine and cry incessantly until I let them out and then you sit on the garage roof looking down at them, teasing them. You are a mean nasty spiteful squirrel. I curse you and your family of little squirrels that you may become too fat on the pecans from our trees in the front yard and the puppies will then catch you and we will see who laughs last at the puppies.
Thank You
Leeanna,  woman of the house


  1. You might as well give up! Thats how they entertain themselves. I've had them come right up to the patio door, where my cat is sitting, and have a staring contest with him! They are nuts!!! giggle

  2. I figured you would know something about this little problem, Judith. ahahahahhahahahaaa


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