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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I Guess I'm Back ... Not too Sure

Ok, my lovely dear minions. Ahhh I see I have a few new ones. Welcome to the loony bin my dears.

Anywho, I think I'm back. I was a bit off kilter there this past weekend. First off we were watching the first University of Texas, - HOOK 'EM HORNS - !!! game on Saturday. There is a big problem with that, bare with me my minions. Spunky, the oldest of our fuzzy children and the only little man dog, is deathly afraid of any NFL/ NCAA Football in the fall. David and I tend to yell our asses off during a game or two on our weekends. It gets really loud in our media room. Then there is Basketball season and also we are rabid fans on NHRA and INDY Racing.

Now, back to the poor, poor Spunkers. This little guy, like I said , is deathly afraid of sports that we watch. He will generally follow me throughout the house all day long until all games are over on the TV. He sits under my desk shaking like a leaf during the day and won't come out until I leave. Then he is hot on my heels wherever I go in the house. If he is let outside with the girls, Lucy and Pebbles, they will come back in but he won't. It can be pouring rain, dead of winter, freezing cold, and he won't come inside when called. It's all because of the games.

Well, this weekend while David was watching the last of the UT Longhorns play, I decided to get in a bit of weeding. Spunky came out with me ... my shadow. I was pulling weeds near the pecan trees in the front yard. He was with me and then when I turned around to dump a bunch of weeds he had disappeared. The little guy was gone. Spunky never leaves the perimeter of the yard. NEVER!  EVER! I was in shock that he was gone. Vanished into thin air. Then I got scared. He is the type to go off with almost anyone. I started calling him. No Spunkinator. OMG!!! David's walking buddy was gone.

So I started running into the house and grabbed my car keys. David heard me and natch he got mad. What was worse was I slipped and fell in my haste to get to the car and bruised the shit out of my bad knee. So David is yelling at me for wearing my damned flip flops and slipping and I'm worried about Spunky, and boy are we about to have a bad argument. I got in the car and drove down the street that David goes when he walks to the Park with Spunky. No little guy in site. SHIT! So I tried the back way. I  made a u-turn and then raced to the stop sign at the end of the street. Saw David calling and walking the other way. Good, he won't see me do this. I screamed the tires and went the back way around the other street in back of a parking lot and back to the main street  where I waited. There he comes. Spunkinator, strutting his hot little stuff around the corner of the next street like he owns the world. He was heading for the main street next to ours just like I thought he would. So I drove slowly until I got right up on him then honked the horn.
"Hey, little man, ya wanna ride?"
He instantly recognized my voice and came to the opened door and climbed into my car. I gave him a big hug and then reprimanded him up and down for running away like that. He was happy to see me but he knew he was in trouble. I told him daddy was gonna give him a spanking, but I knew David wouldn't. I was right about that. We all got home and everything became right with the world.

Except, David kept getting on my case about letting him out front and not watching him. And then there was the slipping and falling part. I got on him about not resurfacing the garage floor so that I wouldn't slip and told him it's not just my flip flops when I slip on that floor. I can slip in my bare feet! So David has a new project next weekend if it doesn't rain.

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