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Friday, September 17, 2010

More Bling

Oh my, my, my.  Miss Judith over at Merlin's Magickal Mistress is having another blingy giveaway. Very Pretty bling indeed. A sterling sliver pentagram with a genuine garnet heart.    Get a look at this...

So if you want to try for it, go to her blog and enter to win now. It will be given away October the 13th. Don't wait too long.


  1. Holy cow you recharge fast! I was expecting to visit and not see any new posts - thinking you'd still be getting over migraines. But I missed so much stuff! And now I know how to tie my shoes funny so I'll be spending all my free time doing that. Thanks a lot, Leeanna. Thanks a lot for completely throwing my expectations for a loop and making me have fun. Geez. :P


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