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Friday, September 3, 2010

A Whole Week of Bling: Fifth Item... And Great News My Minions!!!

OMG!!! My dearest darling minions.


Before I get to today's bling, I must tell you that I am now pain free in my lower back. YES!!!!  The Facet Injections worked. See my past postings ... it tells all about the process.  I went to my Pain Specialist this morning and he agreed that it worked very well for me. SO. Now I have to work on my left hip pain... no hip replacement please. He told me to give it another month before I go to my Orthopedic doc to see about the hip problem. He said the injections might spread to the hip and kill it off. Just have to give it more time. Also, we are getting rain. Yeppers, nice cool cleansing rain.


What the hell was that??!!  Anywho, I may have to do another Bling Week soon. This is much too much fun! I have so much bling to show you that I have found on my Surfing Safari. Oh my my, you are going to have SO much fun with this next bling. I found It is the ultimate in bling for pictures, postcards, and website bling to the hilt. Oh my!!! This is just a small example. Cool huh?! I played with this for the past 3 days now. Go and check out the site and have some fun creating stuff for your blog... did I mention that it's FREE?!!  Enjoy and have a great, safe Labor Day weekend my minions.


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