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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Ice Balls Cripple San Antonio Yet Again

I'm at the point that I think I've seen and heard everything in life. Just let me fucking die already. This morning I was up before dawn as usual. It was cold as hell and something white was falling outside. All the weathermen on TV were like "The sky is falling! The sky is falling!" So the school systems were either canceling school or calling a two hour delay. Yes, yes they did, and all because of this.

This is supposed to be from some sort of  ice storm we had in the early hours around 5 AM. I took these pictures this morning at 10:30 in my garden. As you can see the ice pellets are still fully formed and just as "scary" as they were at 5 AM when they first fell. They look like the white crap you would find in a bean bag chair. There is nothing on the streets. They're dry as a bone, I kid you not. I swear the people in the South just lose their fucking teeny tiny minds when something white falls from the sky.

Don't even get me started on their driving skills in this shit. Most of I-35 was shut down because of stupid drivers. The 1604 in San Antonio was a fucking mess! I should go driving during this weather and turn 360's just to fuck with them. I grew up in this shit in El Paso. I learned to drive in real snow and ice storms. I just love how it can cripple a small city like this.


  1. too funny! the same thing always happened in austin when i lived there!

  2. Haha! I have not seen any snow this year! I am not complaining though! My butt is frozen the way it is!!

  3. I must check out what other goodies you've got stashed under your label of "garden porn" --!!!

  4. I'm guessing everyone in the South is extra-over-reacting because of the chaos caused by the ice storm last week in Alabama and Georgia. But this looks like something much more serious, a deluge of goose shit! Beware the goose shit!


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