Thursday, February 20, 2014

So Much Crazy

Okay before I get started on today's blog, y'all really have to go check out Debra's blog this morning. It's about curling. Yes, an Olympic event. She beat me to this one. I was going to post it for tomorrow's blog post. But that's okay. It's so damned funny it'll make you spew your coffee like I did when I saw it. Really funny.

Anywho back to the main item. I have been getting all kinds of emails and phone calls asking if I'm still alive. Well yes, yes I am still alive. I've been living literally on my heating pad in the bedroom. No I can't sit up for long periods of time because my arthritic back has taken out a Hit on me. So I've been laying low, so to speak. Hell, it took me almost two days to write the ABC award post and 6 hours to write the Sunshine award post. Sheesh! I hate the fact that nothing is working against the pain because of all this moisture in the air. Today is a little better though. There is a front making it's way through our area sometime this afternoon, and the dryer air will be here for a few days. Not great news for the East Coast and Northern areas though. All y'all's going to be slapped like a red headed step child later today with more snow and ice.

In case you didn't see it, like you had to be blind I have a banner that I was asked if I would like to put up on my blog. I was more than happy to do this since it promotes Pagans. For doing this I was given a nice gift certificate of 10% off for me to spend and share with my blog audience. There is no expiration on this, so if you want something, but need to wait until later to take advantage of the 10% off coupon, I will keep it on the top side of my blog until the sun explodes or implodes or whenever. So go check them out by clicking on the banner or the coupon.

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Sorry I "scooped" the cat curling video on you! Sending healing wishes for your back.

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