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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Oy Vey !!! I'm Gonna Die A Happy Camper!

One of me dear friends, and wonderful blogger, Vickie, over at Aoilbheal's Lair  slapped me upside the head with TWO AWARDS!! OMG!! YES!! I know, right?!

Now because the ABC Award is so extensive I'll do that one first and do the other award tomorrow.

Awesome Blog Content Award
So, according to the rules from Vickie's blog, I have to:
  1. Download the award and add it to your acceptance post.
  2. Nominate a few bloggers to get whopped upside the head with this award.
  3. Take each letter of the alphabet and use it to tell something about yourself.
The bloggers that I am passing this on to are:

Old Baggs N Stuffed Shirts
Airing My Dirty Laundry
She Who Seeks

A.  Adventurous -  I love to try new things.

B. Baking -  I fucking love baking.

C. Coffee-slut - I am absotively, posolutely sure I bleed coffee.

D. Is for David, my husband/sexy beast/plaything. I love him dearly and completely.

E. Elegance- I strive for elegance on a budget. Whether it's for my home of my clothes.

F. Funny-  I try to be serious most of the time, but my funny side sneaks out quite a bit and tends to run wild when it escapes.

G. Green is my favorite color. But even more if it has a hint of blue in it.

H.  I am a Tom Hiddleston fan. He's bringing SEXY back.
Lucy- My awesome little Boston

I.  I love Italian food.

J. Junk food - I can't help myself. I try to eat right but if junk food is nearby I'll eat it.

K.  Kites - I love to fly kites. My favorite place to by them is It's a Mecca for kite people.

L. Lucy - My little Boston baby. She's such a cuddle girl. She loves to be loved.

M.  Music - My favorite music to listen to is Smooth Jazz. It's not elevator muzak either.

N.  Nutella -  I am a Nutella freak.

O.  I love the sound of the Ocean waves crashing on the shore. It soothes me.

P.  My first name is Patricia

Q.  I am the fucking Queen of everything!

R.  I love rainy days, sitting by the window in the living room while sipping coffee and watching it rain.

S.  I wish I could get more sleep, but it's not possible. I can go days without it and then crash for 14 to 16 hours, and then I start all over again without it.

T.  I am a very tidy person.

U.  I hate unruly children.

V.  I hate Valentines Day. Please don't ask why.

W.  I'm a solitary Witch. I don't like practicing in a coven because there are too many people with stupid agendas and politics.

X.  I hate x-rated rap music. Especially when it's being played loud and there are children within ear-shot. It should be outlawed.

Y.  This is the Year of the Wood Horse, and it's extra special for me because I turn 60 this year. So it will be a great year for me.

Z.  I want more zzzzzzz's


  1. Leeanna: This looks like fun. I promise to alphabetize my life for you on Monday. Thanks, I don't normally do awards but this is different......and I do know who my victims er next award winners will be. Oma Linda

    1. YAY! Linda I am SO happy to hear you will be participating too!! Looking forward to learning more about such an awesomely amazing lady!!!!

  2. YAY!! I am so happy you accepted the challenge! LOVE this!!

  3. Thanks for sharing with me!

    I also love Italian food. And junk food. Mmm..

  4. Congrats! After reading your C, I'm considering adding wear a tag saying, "In case of transfusion, find a coffee-slut. Anyone with less caffeinated blood will probably kill me."

  5. Congratulations on the award. Well deserved.
    I don't understand your entry for "X". Are you saying I should NOT be playing Eazy-E's "Nutz on Ya Chin" as a lullaby for my nieces and nephews?

  6. Congrats and thanks for passing it on to me! Fun meme too. I will post my answers probably at the end of the month. Now, must get my thinking cap on!


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