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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Canada Eh?

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Wet Dog Wednesday

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Follow-up From Monday

I have had the bright flashes twice since the first incident. Once last night while in the shower and again this morning when I woke up. Like bright camera flashes. I've never had this before having a migraine ever, just the usual strange fuzzy sight problems. Now, I'm nursing a really bad migraine that is getting steadily worse by the second. I called my family doctor and told him what I'm going through. So, he set an appointment at the hospital for a CT scan tomorrow morning for me. If anything shows up, my doctor will call for me to come see him. Otherwise, I will be out of commission for hopefully just a few days. 


I had to show y'all what Lucy does to me for attention. Yes, this is also the sign of unconditional love from a dog. She has her little face on my elbow and she will keep it there until I pet her or start talking to her. 
Any sign of attention from me to her, be it touching or talking, is a delight for Lucy. She knows she is the center of my world and that I am wrapped around her little paw.
She is my taste tester for mashed potatoes, spaghetti noodles and if ground beef is fully cooked before adding herbs and spices.
She is my little shadow. Getting up and following me where ever I go except in the shower. Bath is a four letter word to her and if uttered in her presence, makes her slink for safety in a dark corner of the house where she shakes uncontrollably.
She will sit at my feet looking up at me with such huge brown eyes that I can't even begin to wonder how the hell does she make herself look so small and cute like that. How did she learn to be so sweet, then I think that maybe it was my unconditional love for her as well.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Monday- Just Normal Shit

Over the weekend, I experienced something that scared the shit biscuits out of me. It happened when I was getting up from my chair at my art table. I suddenly felt strange like my mind went completely blank and then I started having these "lightning flashes."  I kept looking around to see if the flashing was coming from outside like the reflection from a passing car in the sunlight, but nothing was going by. It was like three slow very bright flashes, then everything came back to normal. It felt like I wasn't there and then I was. David says it was aliens.

David was attacked by my rose bushes while mowing the grass on Sunday morning. Yeah, he has some really ugly scratches on his arms. He wouldn't let me treat them with a little alcohol. What a big baby. So, after I finish this, I'm going to brave the heat and go cut some straggler rose branches before they drag his body into the garden.
Okay, before I say what David calls Asian cooking, I'm going to apologize to everyone. Yes, because he can be offensive. This past week, I have been cooking my dinners separate from his and eating before he comes home. Crazy strange, I know but he hates "bow wow, meow meow," as he calls Asian cooking. I hate when he meows while I eat. He can be so disgusting. But the thing is, I dearly love making my own egg rolls, sweet and sour dishes from scratch, etc. I just hate the fact that David trolls me while I cook or eat my favorites. So I have to resort to eating before he comes home. He hates the idea of eating alone because we talk about our day and ideas for the weekend. He's getting tired of my dining preferences. So, I am through with my Asian food cravings for now and he's happy that I made dinner this weekend and ate with him in the dining room.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Religion in a Nutshell

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Music For a Savage Saturday

Friday, August 11, 2017

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Canada Eh?

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Wet Cat Wednesday

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Monday, August 7, 2017

It's Raining It's Pouring

I wouldn't say it's really flooding where I am but San Antonio is in for a world of hurt. It started raining right before 7 a.m. this morning. It hit us from the west and north. Kinda ganged up on us. I was watching the weather map most of the night and thought oh shit biscuits, we gonna get hit big time. 
This is a picture of where this wet mess is at 10 a.m. Although the weather guys said it would be gone by now, all that green area above the black circle (us) has the potential of dropping another inch or 2 on our heads. So far since 7 this morning we have accumulated 2 and a half inches and it's working on 3. I love this because all my house plants are out in the rain loving this shit. Me, not so much. You know the old aches and pains. 

The puppies went outside briefly, very brief indeed. A crash of thunder sent them back on the porch and now they are huddled as close as they can get to my legs without going through them. I'm going back to bed and watch some TV and laugh at San Antonio for their lack of flood control.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Religion in a Nutshell

Music For a Savage Saturday

Friday, August 4, 2017

Friday Funny

A hip young man goes out and buys himself an expensive car: A Ferrari 599 GTO. It costs him almost $500,000. He takes it out for a spin and stops for a red light.
 An old man on a moped (both looking about 75 years old) pulls up next to him. The old man looks over at the sleek, shiny car and asks, "What kind of car ya' got there, sonny?"
The young man replies, "It’s a Ferrari 599 GTO. It cost nearly half a million dollars!"
"That's a lot of money," says the old man. "Why does it cost so much?"
"Because this car is a limited edition model!” the young guy says proudly.
The moped driver asks, "Mind if I take a look inside?"
"No problem," replies the owner. So the old man pokes his head in the window and looks around. Then sitting back on his moped, the old man says, "That's a pretty nice car, all right!"
Just then the light changes so the guy decides to show the old man just what his car can do. He floors it, and within 20 seconds, the speedometer reads 160 mph.
Suddenly, he notices a dot in his rear view mirror. It seems to be getting closer! He slows down to see what it could be and suddenly - whhhoooossshhh! Something whips by him, going much faster!
"What on earth could be going faster than my Ferrari?!" the young man asks himself.
Then, ahead of him, he sees a dot coming toward him. Whoooooosh! It goes by again, heading in the opposite direction. It looked like the old man on the moped!
"Couldn't be," thinks the guy. "How can a moped outrun a Ferrari!?"
But again, he sees a dot in his rear view mirror! Whooooosh, Ka-blaMMM! It plows into the back of his car, demolishing the rear end.
The young man jumps out, and it turns out to be the old man on the moped after all! He runs up to the mangled old man and says, "Oh my god! Is there anything I can do for you?"
The old man whispers with his dying breath: " suspenders... from your side-view mirror..."

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Canada Eh?

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Wet Dog Wednesday

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Tuesday - Mondays Ugly Sister

My husband has sent me this really cool interactive Solar Eclipse thingy from Vox. When you go to the online magazine, there is a bright yellow box that you can put your zip code into and it will show you right below it what part of the solar eclipse you will be able to see in your area. It's so cool. There are other interesting things on that page too. Go check it out!

My Gawd, that one paragraph took almost forever to write. My hands and wrists are so swollen and they hurt like a bitch too. I'm wearing my compression gloves and it gives some relief but not enough in my book. Starting tomorrow, we are expecting a 20% chance of rain and this will last up to next week. My body has been feeling this extra moisture in the air since Sunday. I will get through it with some measurable hate for Mommy Nature.

Oh yeah, there was no final outcome yet on my insurance problem from yesterday. Oh, and get this. David got an email last night from our Conexis Card office saying we paid a charge that David swears he didn't even pay, yadda yadda yadda. One thing is that David keeps meticulous records of everything. We have a designated file cabinet that he keeps everything relating to health, eye and dental for the past ten years. I told him he would have been a great accountant. Anywho there was an errant charge on our card and guess what, he DID pay it. He forgot to send the EOB(explanation of benefits) with the payment and Conexis got all bent out of shape about it. So crazy shit happens then you fix it.
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