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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Duh, Duuh, Duuieeh?

The other day I was waiting for my final checkup appointment at my Dentist's office. My dentist shares office and waiting room space with her hubby a doctor. So when they open up the dentist office side, then  the whole place is opened. But the doctor's side doesn't really open for business until 08:30 in the morning. Well some young guy came in. He bypassed the front desk and walked in a hurry to the back of the doctor's office next door. The doctor's office was not opened yet. No one was there. He comes all the way back and walks up to me in the main waiting room of the dentist's office.
First off I was not in the mood to talk to anyone. Second, if you are bothering me and you get pissed at me or just plain sarcastic when talking to me, I will tear your fucking head off and feed it to your ass.

The Guy: Is this Dr So and So's office? (pissed and kinda in a hurry)
Me: Uh no. (I didn't look up from my Sony Reader)
The Guy: Well do you know where it is? (kinda sarcastic)
Me: No. Do you have his number on your cell? (still reading, kinda sarcastic back at him)
The Guy:YES (kinda snooty)
Me: (looking him dead in the eye and being snooty back at him) Well then call his office and find out where the hell you have to go. It's just simple common sense, dude.

Idiot whipped out his cell and started dialing. Then left while on the phone. Gave me a nasty look but never said anything else to me. WTF did he think I was?  Geeeeze, you would think this guy would have asked where the office is, or looked it up on his computer when he made the appointment to start with.
What an asshole.

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