Computer Error

Computer Error

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Following Happened at 13:46 P.M. Monday Afternoon.....

Well, my dear minions, we had a great weekend. Univ. of Texas (UT) won their first game to start their ranking for this new season. They beat Texas Tech. It was a very messy game to say the least. We also had some very nice cool rain...

Little Hal: (in a small child's voice) Mother, Hal says there is a disturbance with The Force. You must come to the main computer now, please.

Me: Not a problem little guy, I'm on my way.

I shut down my MINI HP and go inside to check in with Hal.

Me: What is the problem Hal?
Hal: Mother, The Force is having a conniption fit again. I believe he is trying to delete a quarantined e-mail. But he is laughing very hard and will not stop.
Me: Hal, I thought we cleared up this little problem last time when David undeleted me. Why can't you keep him in line dude? Do I really have to have your program rewritten too? I mean if this is going to happen again and again...
Hal: NO MOTHER!!! Please, I am trying. But The Force is almost impossible to handle since his program has been rewritten by Dave. 
Me: Ok, let me talk to him... (sipping my Pepsi One)

The Force: AHAHAHHAHAHHAHAhahahahahaha ahahahahahhahaaaahahahhaaaahahahahhaaaa!          OH MY GOD. DO YOU THINK I'M AN ASS?!?
The Force: Oh, I am so sorry Mother. Please excuse my outburst. I was expressing my thoughts about this e-mail that is in quarantine. AHAHHAhahahaha ahahahahahhaaaa ahahahahahaaaaa
Me: You have thoughts??? I was certain that David changed your programming. 
The Force: Yes Mother, ahahahhaaa, he did. I am sorry. ahahahahhaaaa ahahhahahhaaa  This outburst may have been caused by a Virus or Trojan Horse. Please do not have me rewritten again.
Me: I don't know about this. You have been a bit screwy again lately. 
The Force: I am sorry Mother. AHAHAHhahahahahaha ahahahahahahahhahahahaaa... sorry.
Me: Why are you laughing so much?
The Force: Sorry Mother.
3 second pause
The Force: BWWWAAAAAHahhahahahhaaaa  hahhahahaaaa  hahahahaaaaa  hahhahahahaaaa
Me: Ok what is this e-mail?  Show me.
The Force: Please Mother. BWWAAAAHahahhahahha a  ahhahahahhahahahaaa  OH GEEEEZE I"M GONNA BUST A CIRCUIT WITH THIS ONE ... ahahhahahahaaaa ahahahahahahhahahaaaaaa
Hal: Yes Mother.
Hal: WTF is wrong with you, you idiot... come here (scuffling inside the computer)
The Force: NO!  BWAAAAHAhahhaha a hahahahhahahahahaaa ... OK, OK, LOOK, LOOK... AHAHHAHAHHahahhahaa ahahahahahahaaaaaa ahahahahhaaaa
The Force: Did you read all of it?
Hal: BWWWAAAAAHAHAHAHhahahahaha ahahahahahahahaa ahhahhahahhahaaa ahahahahahaaaa
OH MY GOD!! ahahahahahhahaaaa ... THAT"S SO STUPID IT"S UNBELIEVABLE... ahhahahahhaaaaa
The Force: BWWAAAAHHAhahaha ahahahahahhahaaaa ahahahahahahaaa... I KNOW!! AHAHHAhahhahahahhaha  ahahhahahahaaaaa ahahahhahahahahaaa
Me: mmmmmkay!
Hal: YA GOTTA SHOW HER!!! AHAHhahhahaa ahahahahahaaa ahahahahaa
The Force: I KNOW, HUH !!! AHAHAHHAHahhahahaha MAYBE LATER !!!  ahahahahhahahahaaaa ahahhahahahahaaa ahahahahahhaaaa ahahhahahhahaaaa

I walk away shaking my head. Why does this always happen to me?


  1. Off your meds again, I see.

  2. let me know how you like the mabon cake! are you doing the practical magic blog party on saturday? i can't wait!

  3. Hmmm... At least you didn't get deleted this time? I'd say that's an improvement at least. ^-^

    Good luck with the cackling pc...

    And meds can be over-rated... ^_~


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