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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Questions About my Book of Shadows Previously Posted Are Answered Here

Some of you have been asking about my Book of Shadows. I bought it through Brahms Bookworks. Brahms and Robin are both amazing. They make the books by hand and fill it with empty pages of the finest quality parchment paper from France. The books are covered in real leather and you can choose the color you wish and what book you want. Mine was the Triquetra Grimoir with the lock and 2 keys as it is pictured above. It is the coolest looking book ever!!!  I have filled it with pages of my other BOS and done a lot of writing in mine as well. Most of my stuff is from my computer and then printed on their paper and I have painted in the art work myself. Brahms also has ideas on making your book pages looking old and worn to give it that handed down from witch to witch look. It took only a month for it to be made and shipped for mine but now it takes almost 3 months because of all the orders.  If you want to make a great Book of Shadows and you have the serious cash for it then go to their site and check it out. I highly recommend it. There are a few knock offs out there and they sell them for almost the same price but nowhere near the best quality as Brahms. I will be ordering a smaller book soon for my recipes for my kitchen cook book. I'm not sure what cover piece I want on it yet. Oh if you ever want any extra pages for the book,  Robin offers them.




  1. beautiful!- your page finally showed up on my sidebar!

  2. These are honestly so amazing. I need to save my pennies!

  3. Let me tell you I was very satisfied with the quality of the book. You can do anything with them. One buyer turned his book into a copy of Bram Stoker's Dracula, with pictures and everything. he did it all from his computer. It was breath taking.

  4. How can you add or remove pages? It is a gorgeous book!

  5. Copperwood, I got the book from Brahms at
    There are screws in the back of the book that hold the pages in a rod. Brahms might have changed his books but this one I have was for close to $500.00. They are hand made and take a few months before you can get them. The pages are blank, you put whatever you want on the pages. I put my spells and the spells I bought from Nyx. She has a blog and sells all kinds of cool stuff. That she makes on he own.


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