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Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Stuff n' More Thangs

Hey, Y'all! Yesterday was a bit crazy. David had a bit of trouble getting my new Medicare paperwork emailed from his old workplace to his email so we could email it to The Social Security person that is handling my case. Come to find out the guy wrote it down wrong so David had an old friend of his make sure it got to us. So now that is in the works. 
Yesterday Lucy had her vet appointment. The vet's office had one of their doctors come in contact with a CV-19 patient and he is now in quarantine so that meant all the people with their pets that had appointments had to stay out in their cars and wait to be called in. Not too bad. 
Anywho, Lucy had the complete works because it has been a while since she went to the vet to get shots and blood work for heartworm and such. She has a small abscess of one of her anal glands, for which they gave us two antibiotics and a pain pill, which puts her lights out. She checked out fit as a fiddle in all other areas. She has lost 2lbs which is scary but she has an appetite so she's great. She has to go back to see the vet next week Monday so I will go with her to let him know if there is anything that David forgets to tell the vet. A mom knows what should be said to the doctor to let him know the full picture. She's sleeping like a baby because I just gave her the meds.
My stepdaughter texted her dad that she has an appointment with her hairdresser today and that she is all excited. Like that girl needs a hair appointment to make her look good. I'm thinking she would look fabulous during the zombie apocalypse. No, really. She is a natural beauty. Even without makeup, she would still be a knockout.
Well, I have to go water the potted ones out in the courtyard. My lemon trees are going crazy. I gave it some fertilizer over the weekend and it's sprouting new leaves everywhere. I want lemons, dambit! I also have bed linens to wash and fresh new ones to put on the bed. 
Y'all have a safe magical day.


The JR said...

I'm glad her appointment went well.

Thank goodness he had somebody he could trust to do the paperwork correctly.

anne marie in philly said...

good for lucy!

I got a haircut last week; appointment only, stay in car until called inside, masks, etc. I was the only person in the shop, other than the stylist. I felt comfortable.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Glad to hear that Lucy is doing pretty well, and enjoying her pills.

Ol'Buzzard said...

At our vet you make an appointment and an assistant comes out to the car and gets your pet. They call you for pick up when the appointment is completed, and they bring your pet out to the car.

Your puppy lost weight. When our male coon cat died (twenty years ago) our female cat lost weight and moped around for about a year missing him.
the Ol'Buzzard

ellen abbott said...

that's how they are doing it at our vet. I think you get to go in with your pet. some places they just come get the animal while you wait in the car.

I'm just letting my hair grow for now. I only get one haircut a year anyway which I have missed. my hair hasn't been this long in at least 15 years.

pam nash said...

Can't say I blame Lucy - take me to the doctor, fill me with drugs, and I'd be out like a light also! Good luck with your lemon tree - might have to wish for lemons next year though.

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