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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"Bath" is a foul mouthed, four letter word to our puppies, Lucy especially. She hates baths. If you mention that word in front of her she tucks her ears and tail and slinks off to the kitchen to hide under her blankets in her bed. I mean to tell ya... she will walk from the room, looking back at you the whole way like you just condemned her to life in prison without parole.  She will hide for 10 minutes. And then after that 10 minutes when she feels safe, cause she hears David and I talking about something else or if we mention food or dinner, she comes out.

Our puppies are so smart that David and I have to spell shit when we talk. They seem to know what we are saying. Like if David says he has to go to Home Desperate Depot(his toy store) to get a new aluminum lined fly swatter cause I mangled the last one killing a family reunion of wasps in the car port, that instantly signals a car ride for everybody. All 3 puppies think they have to go and help daddy drive to the store... and they will fight to ride shotgun if they are allowed to go.

When we were renovating the house Spunky would go with David and I to Home Desperate Depot to buy wood and paint and such...he loved to ride on the wagons that they have for transporting wood ... tongue hanging out, salivating. And that was just David. Spunky was always a gentleman. Never peed or barked the whole time we were in there. Spunky is such a cute little dog. He didn't whine or cry like David did when I had to drag him away from the Makita saws and tools.

I guess if you take great care in bringing your pets up and teach them right from wrong and don't beat them or leave them outside in bad weather, they turn out to be the sweetest little babies you could ever have.

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