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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Called Off Due to Table Saw

Well, hubby/plaything went and done it now. He was cutting pieces for the Adirondack chairs he was making and he mangled his right hand in the table saw. His poor happily sedated ass is stuck in the hospital awaiting surgery to sew up the fingers and finish the job the saw didn't on his pointer finger. It will be amputated to the second knuckle from the tip.  Needless to say he won't be able to "hunt and peck" type with that finger anymore.

So now I have cancelled the procedure for my back and I'll call the Doctor to reschedule it later ... maybe next week. Right now I'm not so worried about my ass as I am his. He's gonna be in screaming pain come tomorrow so I get to play Charge Nurse when I get him home. *Evil Grin* When I went to check on him just a few minutes ago. The nurses had given him some kind of Demerol cocktail ... like why didn't they wait for me. He didn't even share. Hell I thought this marriage thing was for richer, for poorer, share and share alike when it comes to the good drugs, till death do us part. What is this crap anyways? See if I share my drugs with him next week.


  1. OMG... @_@

    That's horrible, but I'm glad that he only lost a finger...
    I can't believe he didn't share! Hmph... how selfish... ^_~

    Have fun playing nurse! ^-^

    Um, on the bright side, at least he won't be trying to fix things for the rest of the week???

  2. Thank you Duchess, I had a hard time sleeping without the hubby/plaything next to me last night. Was kinda scary. I get to go spring him from the hospital in an hour :) and can't wait to see him. Thanks for the well wishes dear.

  3. oh my!!! My uncle almost did the same thing with hedge trimmer, with his thumb. Luckily they were able to get it back on all the way.

    I hope he's ok today (aside from the pain) and that he heals quickly!!


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