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Monday, July 19, 2010

Gangs in My Town

We have some giant bugs out here in Texas. I guess it's the water or something... who knows. But yesterday I was calling the puppies into the house and this humongous red wasp lumbered into the house with them. He was about 2 inches in length and I don't mean wing tip to wing tip. He was hovering around in my kitchen and the puppies were barking at it. I was scared that it would attack them because it was throwing gang signs at my barking babies. The sucker had the audacity to come after me next with a knife so I grabbed the fly swatter that David bought 3 weeks ago from his "toy store". It has a layer of aluminum embedded inside the plastic weave. I swatted him and knocked the knife away. Then I picked his dazed ass up with the swatter and put him out on the courtyard table outside. I think it took all of 2 seconds before he got up, shook his body, cussed me up and down and then said something about getting his gang after me... or something like that. I told David about it when he got back from the bank. He thinks I was lying. That man never believes me when I tell him what goes on around here during my day.


  1. I just read your post to my husband and he asked me to ask you if we were in the nut not falling too far from the bizarre tree....but he laughed at your story. I love it. Everytime I see your puppies picture I make me laugh

  2. OH no, I've seen it happen before! You better put something out far from the house to apease the gang. I recomened a half glass of sugered lemonade. They will go after it, and drown!!! But before they die, they will thank you for the sweet treat!!


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