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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th Of July

Happy 4th of July y'all. Hope it is a safe one for you, your family  and friends. We had the "Biggest Small Town 4th of July Parade" yesterday afternoon and then the fireworks last night cause today is a church day for all the Christians and such. Poor things go and waste a perfect morning in church lady prison church when they could be having fun like us heathens runnin around nekked and mating like rabbits in the woods. Well that's what one neighbor calls them, I mean us. Well David and I went out for breakfast this morning At IHOP. The streets were deserted except for us Pagans ahahahahaa.

Anywho David and I, well, I mean David cut the grass while I watched from the porch. No, I'm not lazy, I have back problems and if it ever gets better I'm tearing up that yard for a veggie garden from hell. Oh yeah baby!!
But for now I am complying with my hubby/plaything's wishes and being the good wife that I am, I promise not to do any house or yard work for a whole week while he is torturing me at home on Plant shutdown. Lucky duck gets a week off paid cause the plant he works at shuts down for a whole week. But I know he'll be checking his emails from work here at home. France and England don't shut down at the same time. So he does some of his office work here. Then he watches payed per view wrestling Jerry Springer all day long.

At least he will leave me alone I hope. Last time he was home I had to go see what he was calling me for every few hours or so. He gets into these "I've got to build something or I'll just die" fits. I usually either end up having to go inspect his work when he calls me to or having to call a professional to come out to fix what he messed with around the house. It was a plumber last time. Gawd I hope he learned from that escapade.


  1. Happy Fourth to you - glad you are enjoying your day off!

    I would totally tear up every inch of grass for gardens if I could. I would love to be growing veggies and flowers all over the yard.

    Hope you survive your hubby's week off!

  2. Happy 4th!! Take it easy, back injections SUCK.

  3. ^-^ Happy 4th! When my partner & I lived in a tiny uber Christian town a while back, her parents lived right behind a church (and next to another one...) Her dad's favorite thing to do was haul out the lawn mower as soon as services began... lol... Her dad is just the best.

    Good luck having your hubby home for a week. May you both survive it. ^-^

  4. Thank you Rue, Autumn and Duchess. I hope y'all had a great 4th. I am doing fine. But again thank you all for your comments.
    Love you


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