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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Holy Cow More Minions !!!

I was yacking with a friend on Youtwitface... I mean He was saying that he just got his CPR certification.  My reply was that I did that... smacking the dummy in the face to wake it up . Yelling in it's ear. Then humping it's chest and doing a lot of heavy breathing. Wait, sorry. That was waking David up for something I think.

Anywho, I noticed I now have a whole new bunch of minions, I mean lurkers... you know... you guys that stalk my blog then run back to report your findings to other stalkers and they in turn run back here and become lurkers and then decide to become minions and then join the Stalkers Sanction of America. That's A.S.S. backwards , and they stalk me as well.  Ok, so I explained that pretty well I thought. Thanks to Mrs. B, I now have 27 lovely minions readers. Welcome to my humble abode. Feel free to lurk look around... just don't break anything. Yes I am truly this crazy. Always, in fact. I'm certifiable, bonafide for sure. And it's not the heat that's made me like this.

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  1. Leeanna I have just started to follow your blog, by goodness I spent all morning the other day in here. reading and laughing.. bless you sister for brightening a day. Please come stop by at Butterflies and Breezes,
    because I love your blog and think it worthy of sharing this award with.


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