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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hot As Hell ... Where's The A/C

We were doing really well out here where I am in Texas. Cool mornings, then warm afternoons. Who the heck opened up the Gates of Hell !! It hasn't hit 100 yet but the humidity is getting really dangerous. Yesterday I went outside with my hubby/plaything to see my step-daughter and her hubby/plaything off cause they came down from Austin to visit her Gramma a spell and I thought I was gonna DIE !!! I mean it was only 96 out. I started to turn red and I got tired and out of breath all of a sudden. It was scary as shit. I came inside and immediately stood in front of the A/C but it wouldn't help. I had to take a cool shower to bring myself around. Then I went to lay down for a minute. I have no idea what the hell happened. David says I had a bad reaction from my BP (blood pressure) drugs. So happens he was right. We looked it up on Drug Digest and sure enough. It pissed me off cause I owe him $5 again. I hate making bets with him cause I always lose. I have to remember to never do that. So far I owe that man $7,565.00. I wonder if he's saving up for a boat.


  1. Ewww... I used to live in Texas and the one thing I remember is the heat. Here's wishing you a freak snowstorm! :)

  2. Yeah- it seems hot everywhere. In Oregon, we've had a few nice cool thundershowers. I do remember Texas though- the showers just made it muggy :(

  3. Guess what? IT RAINED!!!! Not more than 4 hours after posting this, it poured down raining!!!
    Temp dropped to 72 and it was a great 20 minutes.

  4. My AC went out last week when it was 95 degrees out. I was so angry, which heated me up even more!

    Thankfully it got fixed the next day, but by then the temperature had dropped way down.


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