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Monday, July 5, 2010

How to make a blog button for your blog

It's bright and early . Wake up you lazy bones. This is important !!! 

Ok a lot of you are wondering ..."How the hell do I make a blog button?"
Well wonder no more my minions followers and fellow bloggers. I am here to show you how. Remember there will be a test at the end.

First of all you have to save the  "item" ...  that is the picture of what you want to make into a button. You need to save it to a desktop folder that you can access easily. I save all my crap pictures and stuff in a folder called "Blog Pics and Jokes". It is on my desktop so I can open it when I want to . Ok ... now you have done that. Next you will go to this web site :
Save this site to your bookmarks or whatever you like to call it. You might want to use it again for another blog or to change your button if you get bored on rainy days.
Ok... now in the button site scroll down until you find the box size you want for your button. Tap on the button size .
*NOTE*  not all blogs can take large buttons so keep it down to a reasonable size.
The size 180 x 150 is a nice size.
Next there will be small buttons on the bottom or beneath the button size you chose.
Just start from the left and work your way right. So the second button will be BACKGROUND:  There are 2 buttons  Top Color and Bottom Color. You can play around with these two colors all you like. These will be the shading for the background  colors.  Like if you pick red for both colors your button color just happens to be yellow. your background will take on a reddish orange hue. Get it? So pick a color light on the top and darker on the bottom.
Then the next button is for the button picture that you saved to your desktop folder. This is the part you needed to pay attention too.  Just hit on the BROWSE button right of the blank box and go to the picture you want for your button. hi on the picture and the text of where that button is will appear in the blank box. Then hit the UPLOAD button and wait for a minute. when it comes up ...there will be a very large picture on your screen. DON'T FREAK OUT !! Just go to the top left of the picture and click and hold your mouse button down and draw a box down with the cursor of your mouse. this is going to be the stuff that will appear in the box size you picked.  This will be your blog button . Hit the continue button on the bottom right of the picture.  You should now have a picture of the button you wanted... if not play with this part a bit until you get it right the way you want it. Cool so far huh?

Ok now you should be seeing the picture of the button you want and the next button on the bottom will be TEXT.  There are 4 blank areas below your button and one of them has text in it that starts out saying "This is your banner...."  ERASE ALL THE WORDS IN THAT BOX PLEASE. You wont need that in there.  These empty boxes are where your text will be on your button. If there was already text on your button when you copied it you can just erase the junk in the banner box that I told you to get rid of or you will have "This is your banner..." crap all over your button. That's why you need to do the erasing like I told you.
Now if you don't have anything on your button and you want the title of your blog to be on it write it in the spaces and play with the fonts where it says SAMPLE and there is color where you see the teeny tiny #FFFFFFFFF's 
PLEASE... leave the SIZE, OPACITY AND ANGLE buttons alone unless you feel good about these. You can always come back later some other time and play with these little guys when you have more guts.   Below all this stuff is the positioning buttons.  You can be brave here and play with these all you like. I left them alone. When you are finished with all this you can go to the next button under your button picture... BORDER : You can put a border on here for the button by sliding the little green slider. When you are finished here then hit the EFFECTS button below the picture of your button.  This place is where you can make cute sparklies or nothing at all on your button. Play around and have fun with this one too. Then hit the last button called SAVE.
When you hit this it will take you to the last thing you have to do and that is choosing how you want to have this all saved. Under BANNER CODE OPTIONS: Pick the first button that says NORMAL BANNER and then the little box that says SHOW CODE BOX BELOW THE BANNER. Then scroll down to the large box that says "Save The Whales Banner". there will be something of a an advertisement that comes up in green and black. In the green box on the right it says Continue on free... hit that sucker and  you will see your finished button with the text box below it high lighted in dark teal like color. Right click on the teal text to save it and go to your blogger dashboard. Then hit the DESIGN button, then the ADD A GADGET on the left or right side of your blogger layout. Then scroll down until you find the HTML/JavaScript add on. Hit that rascal and left click to get to the Content window. Right click to unload the button there and then don't forget to go back up to the Title part and name this HTML thingy.  Something like "TAKE MY BUTTON- PLEASE"  Then position it where you want to on your blog and save save save .... You are done my dears and you now have a spanking new button for all to add to theirs. Now wasn't that fun?

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  1. Woohoo! Thanks! I've been kicking around the idea of making a button, but hadn't the slightest idea how. Now I do. Your minions are grateful.


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