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Monday, July 5, 2010

Oh Crap

David is changing the kitchen faucet washer again. I tried to keep my mouth shut but he found out that it was leaking again when he used it last night. Goddess help me!!!
He said he was going to make it work without leaking or change the damned faucet out completely. What am I going to do. He will be here for a whole week. *sob* What will I do???

He had me follow him outside earlier and asked what branches needed to be severed because they were to low in the street. Like he couldn't figure that out for himself? I might just fake a bad day and hide in bed so he won't bother me anymore or just pack the puppies into the car leave my cell phone and go for a  L O N G  ride in the country somewhere.

Oh Crap !!! I just heard a round of cussing and tool throwing coming from the kitchen. Dang and I thought this was going to be a nice quiet Monday morning. Be right back ... he's calling me to inspect his work.

Ok so I didn't have to call the plumbers out.  Right now he is so proud that he replaced the faucet rubber thingys for the 3rd time in 2 months. Big deal. Now he is outside power washing the house. Just wonderful.  I'll have to go around checking for leaking windows with towels. Lord and Lady help me I'm gonna kill him before our 8th anniversary.


  1. Ah yes, year 7. I'm glad we made it through that. Good luck! I hope your windows prove more secure than that!!

    My husband went in on a day off because half of the servers in the office are down. Happy Monday!!

  2. Oh dear. Yeah, I can relate to this a bit... except the opposite. If there is something that needs to be done... well, sometime's he'll notice and do it. He spent one full afternoon caulking the tub. I don't think I spelled that correctly. Hmmm... But then he'll do something like that, but a door knob that needs fixing, and has for weeks now, goes completely ignored, even though we can't get into the closet without risking some pinched fingers. I can't fix the danged thing... I tried. I know he could. He said he knew what to do but hasn't. I'm only in year 1. It doesn't get any better?
    Oh boy...

    Hope you have a nice quiet Tuesday since Monday seems to have gone the way of unrelaxing.


  3. Well... Um, at least if you DO have to kill him before your 8th anniversary, you have understanding, sympathetic friends that will help you hide the body... ^_~

    A looooong drive might be just what's needed... the puppies will love it too, I'm sure.

    Hang in there... and remember, this too shall pass... hopefully...


  4. What would we girls do for entertainment if we didn't have these men in our lives. My Goddess, I think I would go crazier if I didn't have my hubby/plaything to laugh with around here. He really kind of keeps me sane.

  5. Yes, year 10 has been really great so far!! :D


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