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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Oh I Just Remembered ...

Well now. David finally figured out how he hurt his hand . You see when you do something stupid as cutting off a finger with a table saw as he did. Your mind goes into a safety mode. It tends to block all the information that you really really need to explain how you did that to yourself when it closes itself down to protect itself from shock. I experienced this when my car was rear ended in 1992 by an 18 wheeler. My mind shut down and believe me the lights were on but nobody was home. I couldn't remember anything from the accident for months.

Anywho I'm getting offtrack with the hubby/plaything's problem here. He finally remembered yesterday what he did. He said he remembered that he needed to turn off the table saw cause he was finished. So he leaned down to cut the thing off. The switch is below and to the side of the table. But in doing so he placed his hand accidentally  - without watching what he was doing on the running blade of the saw. He cut off his pointer finger and cut the remaining fingers in the process. EEEEeeew, yeah I's gross.

He is now at work and the newly nominated poster child of the year for Plant Safety by all his office buddies. Ironically ... get this gang. He so happens to be on the Plant Safety Committee.  OOOOOOOh that smarts huh?


  1. I am very, very new to following you and have done some back reading of your bloggie to get an idea of your humor....omg you rock.
    The picture of the pugs....the all time bestest of the bestest.
    And your poor, poor hubby. Ouch indeed. I hope he makes a complete recovery...being someone with two less toes than the normal folk out there in toe land, I literally feel his pain, says The Olde Bagg

  2. owowowowowowowowowowowow

    don't DO that!!!!!

    Glad he's "ok" though!!!


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