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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Stupid Bloggers

I have to get something off my chest... It's about STUPID bloggers who don't check their sources and write about something or post something for what it is. If you are going to put a video on your blog about someone speaking, and they happen to be of the " other party affiliation or color or whatever you hate "  so to speak , or you just don't care for that person, then CHECK YOUR SOURCES STUPID!!!!

I am speaking of the Sherrod/ Breitbart situation. If you haven't seen or heard of it by now then let me bring you up to speed real quick on this matter.  Agriculture Department employee Shirley Sherrod was fired by Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack  last week because a Conservative blogger, Andrew Breitbart posted an edited video of Sherrod on his blog. Vilsack realized later that the video was edited and saw the whole speech Sherrod made that wasn't messed with. WHEW!!

The blogger made a big mistake. First of all he didn't check the source of the video or the fact that it was edited. Still he posted it. So now she will sue the blogger who posted an edited video of her making racially tinged remarks. I know I would sue him too and make an effort to show people on the web that you can't pass crap around without checking if it's true. It's the same with emails. Check if it's true before you forward it on to your friends. There are plenty of places that you can look to see if it's a hoax or not. Just please check your sources.

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  1. I agree that people should check their sources. But also Breitbart knew what he was doing. He wanted to bring down the liberal left.

    I think Vilsack should have checked his sources before flying off the handle and making Sherod send her resignation via text on the side of the road.

    The whole mess could have been avoided if people checked their sources. But again, Breitbart didn't want people to know the whole story. A woman learning how to overcome racisim?!?!?! Where's the sensation in that? He wanted to push his own agenda. Whatever that was.

    BTW, I found your blog from Inannasstar's Ramblings of a Domestic Goddess. Love your blog.


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